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MFT Australia to further explore the potential of technology in the facade industry

Meinhardt Façade Technology (MFT) Australia has announced today that it is set to explore how the façade and engineering sector can further embrace technology to revolutionise its processes and services.

To uncover how innovations in the sector can improve every aspect of façade design and engineering, MFT will report on:

  • Inspections – new methods and trends in data collection;
  • Analysis – developments in materials investigation techniques, testing methods and analysis software;
  • Repair/construction – advances in materials technologies, construction systems and quality control procedures.
  • Asset management – how owners and managers can use the data they collect to better manage assets, and how visualisation of data can improve budget planning and expenditure.

MFT will share its findings through a blog series and a report, which will be issued later this year.

Commenting on the announcement, Lana Angel, National Director of MFT Australia, said:

“Technology has already significantly improved façade design and engineering, but there is still great potential for digital innovations to further transform the industry.

“I am delighted that Meinhardt Façade Technology (MFT) will look at how we can embrace technology and provide professionals with the tools to support further excellence in the sector. This will not be about gimmicks but about finding new ways to integrate technology to genuinely maximise value for clients.”