Structure and architecture come together in transparent glass walls, tension trusses and cable nets. Meinhardt is passionate about the evolution of advanced structures.

  • Engineering concept – getting the concept right is the most fundamental and important step in the design process.
  • Structural modeling – preliminary and advanced structural Finite Element Analysis (FEA) are undertaken.
  • Boundary conditions – need careful consideration for pre-stressed systems.
  • System detailing – details need to be both functional and elegant. Appearance is of paramount importance for these facade.
  • Fabrication and assembly – including pre-tensioning and loading sequences.

We provide a complete range of services for glass walls, tension trusses, cable nets and other advanced structural glazing systems. This includes:

  • design option studies
  • base structure analysis
  • system design and detailing
  • tendering
  • system engineering
  • parts design and detailing
  • pre-tensioning sequencing
  • production inspections
  • site inspections
  • installation quality control
  • forensic investigations