The right consultant can help owners to achieve the best possible return for their investment throughout their asset’s serviceable life.  The need for maintenance and repairs varies depending on a number of factors, including the quality of construction, environment and exposure conditions, design details and the historic standard of care provided. Our remedial team comprises engineers and specialists with expertise in contemporary and historic building materials and construction types, providing pragmatic and reliable advice for both modern and heritage building stock.

Our team of diagnostic engineers are fully rope access qualified, enabling them to conduct inspections first-hand, using a variety of physical and digital testing and survey methods during the inspection phase.  The clarity and quantity of data collected can be the difference between an inappropriate remedial strategy – with ongoing cost implications – or implementation of a strategy which takes visual and underlying issues adequately into account, with the long-term cost benefits associated with appropriate and proportionate maintenance strategies.

Our Capabilities

Asset Management

With a building’s life spent largely in maintenance cycles, owners are constantly looking for the best ways to preserve their assets. Our team offers annual monitoring and advice programs to ensure that an asset’s condition is managed appropriately, with assessment and reporting strategies tailored to each building’s age and construction, often in collaboration with owners and managers.

Typical services include:

  • External visual condition inspections
  • Photographic capture of facades for future appraisal
  • Identifying waterproofing or water leak issues
  • Structural assessments
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • Management and facilitation of laboratory analysis
  • Preparation of technical reports
  • Specifications and tender documents
  • Services for the full EPCM (engineering procurement construction management) process.

Combustible Cladding

Our team has expertise dealing with combustible cladding issues, including the identification, sampling and replacement of potentially combustible cladding materials across all major asset types.  With in-house remedial and new build capability, we have the right team to assist owners through the full process of identification and replacement.

Building Performance Optimisation

Increasingly, owners wish to have premium assets with high energy efficiency ratings and low ongoing operational costs.  With new construction these goals can be designed for, but existing assets are typically reliant on constant mech-elec upgrades to meet modern occupant requirements. Without façade intervention and maintenance, energy consumption and costs can continue to rise regardless, resulting in lower profits and impacting investor satisfaction.

Condition Survey (Dilapidation) Reports

Condition survey inspections of buildings and Council assets. Co-ordination of  inspections with property owners, tenants, building and strata managers. Notification letters and inspections schedule provided in accordance with Council requirements.

Structural Inspection and Reporting

Structural inspections of buildings/structures and reporting including recommendations for remedial works. Detailed specifications for recommended remedial works.

Technical Due Diligence Reports

Inspections of buildings and reporting including Quantity Surveyor (QS) cost estimating.

Structures Investigations and Project Management

Investigation of existing structures utilising Non-Destructive (NDI) & Destructive Investigation (DI) methods to determine the type of construction and physical properties of structures.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) for Existing Buildings

We recognise the many advantages of Building Information Modelling (BIM) Process for our clients. BIM Process involves the capture of design information in a digital prototype.