Tony Douglas

General Manager

Tony has more than 26 years experience in the construction industry working on several large building project. He has developed extensive knowledge in the design and installation of Façade and external glazing systems working with both client and consultant teams.

Tony joined Meinhardt Australia Pty Ltd early 2005 as a Senior Project/Design Manager and was appointed General Manager MFT in April 2011..

With a strong Construction and Project Management background, Tony has wide-ranging experience in all aspects of Façade construction and project delivery. He has held the position of both the Construction Manager and Design Manager on major projects with contract values ranging from $5M to $10. His core skills include a thorough appreciation of engineering, architectural, programming and financial issues and timely and effective project delivery.

His experience has been hands-on from developing façade systems with Architects to dealing with building owners, consultants and contractors in the design development of façade systems. This allows him to understand the design and production aspects of a project as well as on-site constructability, managing a project from design to installation.

Prior to joining Meinhardt in 2005 Tony works with property developer Australand, Ansett Australia, Contract Glass and Glazing, (G James Pty Ltd) and managed and operated his own Façade business for a number of years. As Managing Director of Façade Industries Pty Ltd Tony’s focus was on the financial and strategic business development. Tony’s responsibilities included areas such as Project Operation/Management, Business Management, Customer and Client Services, Marketing, Quality Control and Managing all Staff relating issues.